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"I'll make you work hard. I'll make you have fun. And I'll be cheering you on from the sidelines every step of the way."

- Coach T

If you are ready to discover, develop, and demonstrate the athlete in you like never before, there the many ways Taneen Carvell (Coach T) can help get you started!

One on One


Bringing out the endurance athlete in you deserves - and demands - personal attention. What I do is provide structure and accountability to help you reach your training goals. My commitment and expertise help get you to the finish line and the environment I offer makes sure you have fun while doing it!

What is included:
- Initial consult and training assessment
- Detailed daily workouts tailored to your personal
goals (Training Peaks)
- One-on-one training sessions per program design
- Integrated group training
- Monday mandates/ongoing email communication
- My relentless support

I currently limit my individual online coaching roster to assure that I am providing the personal attention each individual athlete deserves. My individual coaching program focuses on, but is not limited to, marathon, half and full Ironman distance training. Contact me via email (Taneen@CoachTRally.com) for current space availability and rates.


Have a race plan but not sure how to approach your training? New to training and just not sure where to start? Want to race but not sure what races to target or how to build toward a particular race goal? Struggling to balance life and training demands? Finished the race of your dreams and don't know where to go from here?
Sitting down and talking through your goals, your challenges, your races, and all that factors into your training is a valuable way to help sort out all that is and plan for all that is to be.

Use the scheduling tool below to book your session today! 1 hour consult / $80.


Online coaching, the next best thing to being there! If you live outside the Metro DC area or have a schedule that doesn't allow participation or contact on a more direct basis, online coaching is for you. You are provided a schedule tailored to your training goals and ongoing email communication to help keep you and your schedule on track.

Cost for online coaching is $90 a month with a 3 month initial contract commitment. Payment is made through automated monthly payments. Alternately, a six month advance payment may be made otherwise.

Includes ongoing email communication, 1 x a month phone check in or as scheduled, daily schedule provided via Training Peaks Online Training Tool (no fee to client for Online Program), unlimited support and encouragement. Must give 30 days notice to cancel coaching service. Contact me by email (Taneen@CoachTRally.com) for further information.

Group Focus


Transition to Triathlon Clinic Series

You are a runner. But not a swimmer. You are a cyclist but not a runner. You love the pool but fear the open water. All elements that likely keep you from making the leap into what your friends marvel as the wonderful world of multi sport racing. To help you, each Spring Coach T hosts a Three Part Transition to Triathlon Clinic Series to help athletes transition from swimmer, cyclist, or runner -- to all of the above.

The series includes:
1: Intro to Triathlon Clinic
2: Transition Clinic/Practice Brick Session
3: Open Water Swim Clinic

Session Rate/Series: You can attend one session or all three but the more sessions you attend, the more prepared you will be!

Look for updates on this clinic series as we take to the early months of 2016. Email Taneen@CoachTrally.com for further details as needed.

What you'll need? A bike, bike helmet, bike shoes (or sneakers, swim cap, goggles, run shoes, willingness to tri!


Look for an exciting roster of coaching clinics to be offered through the Winter that will help you stay productive and motivated through the short days and colder nights hone in on key elements of running and triathlon training and race day success.

Clinic topics to include:
- Run Gait Analysis / Injury Prevention
- Transition / Race Day Strategies
- Nutrition Nutrition Nutrition!
- Bike Mechanics -- Basics and Beyond
- Gear, Gadgets, and More!

Stay tuned for all the great learning fun!


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Life Under the Red Visor


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